Auramics are a psychedelic, musique concrete, radiophonic music group in NYC/LA.



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  • Huge thanks to SeinPeaks for featuring Auramics today on “The Other Side Of Darkness” Podcast

    🍒🍒🍒 Huge thanks to SeinPeaks🦉 for featuring Auramics 👁️ today, 06/25, as the musical guest on the glorious, new “The Other Side of Darkness” 👽 podcast (where Seinfeld 🥗🥨 & Twin Peaks ⛰️⛰️ collide) w/ song ‘Founders of Time’ 🎶 & Seinfeld cast member…Melanie Smith interviewed! (Jerry’s girlfriend “Rachel” on the show). @melaniesmithofficial  “The Other Side […]

  • ❤💥👁 Huge thanks to the FilmÓptico International Visual Art and…

    ❤💥👁 Huge thanks to the FilmÓptico International Visual Art and Film Festival & @tv_viridiana for featuring our @auramics_ music video “Founders of Time” I directed, in your film festival, which was selected as a Nominee, in the Video Art category that screened this past month from 4/23, until 5/2. Really honored to have been featured […]


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