Shroom Tunes’ Radio Sound Laboratory Playlist

Thanks to Shroom Tunes for including Auramics – “Founders of Time” in this lovely mix that aired on Friday. ❤

Shroom Tunes’ Sound Laboratory Playlist


1. “Rite of the Maypole – An Unruly Procession” – Children of Alice

2. “Léger Léger” – Julien Gasc, Forever Pavot, Chassol

3. “Vortical Phonothèque” – Stereolab

4. “Murder in the Garden” – The Galaxy Electric

5. “So Beguiled” – The Soundcarriers

6. “Paper Hats” – Pram

7. “En retard” – Juniore

8. “Fell in Love (At the Water) – Candy Claws

9. “Library Goblin” – Death and Vanilla

10. “It Sends My Heart into a Spin” – Vanishing Twin

11. “Founders of Time” – Auramics

12. “Seeing is Believing” – The Superimposers


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