Auramics "Founders of Time" Music Review at

“It is an irresistible and utterly bewitching, beguiling and beautiful record. ‘Founders of Time’s spooky, haunting and otherworldly aura is pertinent, given the time of year it is; regardless, this is one of the finest tracks to be released all year and I for one am completely besotted with it.”

10.03.13 – Auramics Track "Founders of Time" Premier

Stay tuned, the Auramics track “Founders of Time” will premier on 10.3.15. {{{{}}}} 

It will be released and available for download and also a part of a set of 3 limited picture disc records for a secret overarching art project we were asked to contribute to that your eyes n ears will be feasted very soon. Thank you to Keith & Braxton of the San Fran label and curation depot Burlei for getting these discs made this week.

Auramics {{{{}}}} are a psychedelic, radiophonic, dreampop, hauntology music group from Brooklyn, New York. Their name “Auramics” was inspired by Daphne Oram’s “Oramics Machine,” which the two connected to in their interest of drawing/art, cut up collage sound and music, “Aura” relating to metaphysical practices and “Aural” in regards to hearing. It was founded in 2014 by the singer/musician Kristi Scarvelis & musician Glen Lee Flynn with their final track together as “Founders of Time”. Currently the band consists of Scarvelis who is currently writing and recording.